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  • Jaguar XF Remap Results

    Here is an email I received from the customer with the Jag Xf we/you remapped last week, he's getting far better mpg than I estimated for him so another happy customer. Good to know for that particular model I can quote such a high return on Fuel Savings :-)

    Callum, Top Gear Tuning Fife.

    "Message: The remap is fantastic. What a response It's unbelievable. Getting 35+ compared to 20's. Probably be in the 40's on long run. Many thanks good job well done. Worth every penny Cheers. Ian. Thanks"

  • Autobar - Durham

    Highly recommended for anyone thinking of starting or changing tuning support.excellent turn around on time and 100% accuracy in every product. Technical support at hand all the time when needed. Every customer leaves and reports back happy with amazing results.

    Very nice team to work with pleasure been part of the dealership and looking forward to a long profitable future with many other opportunities they offer and products.


  • Carfit - Cork, Ireland

    Here at Carfit in Cork (Ireland) we are using the KESS V2 re-mapping software from topgear-tuning.
    At first I was a bit nervous as I am not a very computer literate person!!!

    To my relief as you said it is a hassle free program to operate. The two reasons for this I feel are as follows.
    Firstly you have been so helpful on the phone when I needed help and secondly the program is easy to run and the quick return of the upgraded map means it takes a short time to do a full map.

    Customers are happy with their power gains and fuel savings and we have also tuned all our vehicles here with the KESS V2 software and have seen huge results.

    It’s easy to recommend a product that we are happy with your help and the help of your colleagues it has noticeably helped our business as well.

    Thanks again for your help,




  • VAN ZYL Autos - South Africa

    Electronics are becoming more and more part of the motor trade.
    A diagnostic tool alone no longer cuts it and with rising fuel and operating costs independent shop owners have to keep up and offer service that can rival or beat the dealers.

    This is where TOP GEAR TUNING comes in, after a long search and a lot of research regarding the world of software tuning for economy and power increases in modern vehicles I came across their site on the net.


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